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Metal barndominium homes have many advantages over traditional homes built with traditional home construction materials. We can erect a metal barndominium home on your prepared site quickly and economically. We serve all surrounding areas near Raleigh-Durham, including all parts of North Carolina. Call J & L Metal Buildings of Raleigh today for your free, no strings estimate today. We want to show you just how beautiful and economical a metal structure home can be.

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Let’s be honest, North Carolina is a beautiful place to live. The Raleigh area is especially pretty as you head west into the Smokies due to its many rolling hills, fall hardwoods that emblazon the countryside, and quaint rural settings. Our Carolina history lends itself to the essence of the country, and there is nothing more country, or economical, than a new home built as a barndominium. If you are not acquainted with what a barndominium or “barndo” is, they are basically a metal building built to resemble a barn on the exterior. Often hip, gambrel or mansard roofed, barn homes offer a very economical alternative to conventional stick built structures. They also are much faster to construct and offer much more versatility in interior design and space. A properly insulated barndominium is comfortable in the winter and cool in the summer. Easy to customize, the spacious area afforded in this type of structure allows for great customization. It is a win-win when you want a country look and feel with the convenience of a modern home done your way at a great price.

Often the price of regular construction keeps the dream of a new home from becoming a reality. If price is a concern, you need to consider a barndominium or metal structure home. Built with red iron (I-beam) framing and clad in durable metal, barndos are becoming increasingly popular in the South as an attractive, practical alternative. Most barndos have lower per square foot build cost and can be constructed in about half the time when compared to conventional construction. Very versatile and easy to custom configure, barndos are very spacious inside due to the red iron cross beam framing. Easy to insulate, they are also a cinch to heat and cool, and they lend themselves well to alternative energy such as solar, wind, and geothermal. You can get a lot of house for your hard earned dollars with a barndominium.

Since metal frame homes are often highly customized, they are rare to find on the real estate listings. People tend to build them as forever homes for their families, weekend retreats, or a quiet and comfortable place to retire. A big advantage for a metal home is if you need to build an addition in the future, red iron frame houses are extremely easy to expand to meet your needs. The pros at J & L Metal Buildings of Raleigh are experts in metal frame home construction. We can erect a custom barndominium home made with quality red iron steel for your family to call their forever home in about half the time of standard construction. Our metal house designs are fully customizable to meet your personal needs.

There are lots of reasons to love the idea of a new metal home instead of a traditional house: 1) Construction costs of metal homes are lower compared traditional homes. 2) Metal barndominiums framed with red iron steel are economical to maintain and require fewer structural repairs than traditional wood framed houses. 3) We can customize your metal framed home at a lower price per square foot. 4) I-beam construction creates spacious interiors, which means they are easy to heat and cool, offer increased natural light, and lend themselves well to features like cathedral ceilings and lofts. 5) Metal houses constructed by J & L Metal Buildings of Raleigh go up fast. Between the quality of our red iron steel and the efficiency of our local team of experienced builders, metal barndominiums can be constructed at lightning speed and with very few challenges. The headaches of old fashioned wood construction just don’t arise in a barndo build. 6) Metal barndominium homes are much more resistant to fire, flood, mold growth, infestations from pests and rodents, and storm damage when compared to traditional homes. And if they unfortunately do incur damage in a storm, they can be easily repaired by our expert craftsmen at J & L Metal Buildings. 7) Thanks to the superior red iron steel construction, metal frame homes have terrific wind and snow load capacities. They are sturdy, durable, and do not shift on the foundation.

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