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When you need a new horse barn or metal pole barn, give the local family and veteran owned and operated J & L Metal Buildings of Raleigh a call. We are longtime residents of the greater Raleigh-Durham area, and we know what is needed by farmers, ranchers, horse breeders, haying operations, produce truck farms, and other agribusiness ventures in a metal building. Our red iron and tubular galvanized structures are warrantied, and we stand behind our work. We understand what you need, how to do it quickly, and how to stay out of your operation’s way, and we do it all economically. Let’s get started on your new metal pole barn or horse barn today. We serve all surrounding areas near Raleigh-Durham, including all parts of North Carolina.

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J & L Metal Buildings has been building metal barns in the greater Raleigh area for many years. We know how important a solid building is to protect your equipment, livestock, and crops. Whether you are in Wilmington, Winston-Salem, or the local area, no agricultural operation is too far out of the area for our expert team to get the building you need erected quickly and economically on your prepared site or slab.

Being locals, we know that animals can get into trouble with scraps of metal, wire, and other objects being left where they do not belong. We are extra diligent to make sure that nothing is left on the job site and that it is cleaner than when we started. We know why your gates are closed, and we won’t let the horses stray or the cows wander because we would rather get your barn up fast than help you herd wayward livestock.

You are just a phone call away from the best metal barn builder in the Raleigh area. At J & L we know how important it is to store your farm equipment, agricultural machinery, crops or to house livestock. We can custom design your barn to accommodate your needs from hay storage pole barns to greenhouse framing. We know that agriculture runs on tight budgets and that your metal barn needs to come in at a good price and be done on time. Quotes for a barn build are free, and we can configure buildings to what serves your operation best.

J & L Metal Buildings of Raleigh is locally owned and operated. We are also a veteran owned business, and we have years of experience. We know farmers and ranchers are smart business people. We are here to stay, and that is why we offer a 20 year warranty on our metal buildings. We also do repairs should your metal barn suffer damage from a storm or other accident. Need to expand as your operation expands or your herds grow? We can do that too. One big advantage of metal over wood construction is that a metal building can be added onto much easier and faster without stressing the integrity of the structure.

J & L Metal Buildings of Raleigh has learned over many installations at area farms and ranches that red iron steel construction is simply a much better option for barns. Here’s why: 1) Red iron steel barns are extremely low maintenance. Wooden barns easily cost thousands in maintenance and repairs as they age and decay. 2) Red iron steel barns are highly resistant to termites, mold, wood rot, mildew, water, wind, and fire, and they do not waterlog. This makes metal a great, stable investment for a farm or agricultural business. 3) J & L Metal Buildings’ rigid frame barn designs don’t need support columns like wooden barns. The weight bearing capacity is far better than wood. That translates to increased interior space for storing your equipment, livestock, hay, or harvest. It also means less repairs to equipment and buildings from poles getting clipped. 4) Prefab steel barns will remain tight, straight, and sturdy over time. Wooden barns loosen, sag, lean, shift, warp, and dry rot. In the humid Raleigh climate, this is a big issue. 5) Metal structures are more fireproof and hurricane stable. 6) Metal barn doors do not sag on their hinges like wood. 7) Metal siding is available in a wide array of colors to match your current buildings. 8) A metal barn holds value better and is almost always less expensive than a wooden barn to insure. 9) Metal barns look tidy and clean, and they create the image of a well run agricultural operation.

We know that in order to feed your hoof stock you need a safe, clean, out of the weather place to store hay and straw. We know that a well constructed horse barn dampens noise, is ventilated, keeps out vermin, and offers superb protection to your champion line ponies. At J & L Metal Buildings, we know the needs of agriculture and hobby farms, and we know how to build metal barns, pole barns, horse barns, and stables that protect your livestock and crop while looking beautiful and so like North Carolina.

For years the standard for pole barns was telephone pole size structural wooden posts that were difficult to install and challenging to maintain. Our red iron I-beam construction provides a durable, easier to install frame for your pole barn without the difficulty of handling huge wooden posts that will warp, bend, split, dry rot, and break under a load. Red iron is economical, faster and easier to install on your prepared site, and highly durable. It does not attract pests, boring insects, or woodpeckers and flickers, which can be a serious problem due to borer bees and the general love those feathered guys have of wooden anything.

Our metal pole barns go up fast and withstand weather. They can be color matched to your other buildings, and they are much lower maintenance than a traditional wooden pole barn. Fire resistant metal pole barns and horse barns offer better protection and lower insurance rates than wooden buildings. And if you need to expand or repair, metal is far easier to repair or extend than a wooden pole barn. With a lower roof load weight, there is no worry about sagging, buckling, and collapsing due to the expanse like a wooden truss shed. And metal pole barns and metal horse stables are easy to custom configure to your location and needs. 

Horse barns and stables, in particular, lend themselves to metal construction. Easier to maintain at a much lower cost, metal barns are easy to configure for ventilation, access, and egress, and they do not have the issues with sagging primary doors like wood on hinges do. They are also easier to keep clean and sanitary. Wood, no matter how well sealed, eventually breaks down and can encourage fungus or retention of debris, litter, and other things that can cause wood to break down or harbor disease. Metal can be sanitized and even effectively and easily steam cleaned if necessary. Our construction on your prepared site or slab lets you create a horse barn that is a pleasure to use and a safe haven for your hoof stock. When you need a metal barn, pole barn, free standing lean-to, horse barn, or other agricultural building, one erected by J & L Metal Buildings of Raleigh is the best choice you could make. We are your local custom steel building dealer serving Raleigh and the entire surrounding region.

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